So I have homework to do, and instead, I am going to post an update.  Obviously.

E has lost two (!) teeth now and as the adult teeth grow in I find myself thinking the same thing I thought when her first teeth came in (in October of 2004, thank you very much).  They are clearly too big for her head.  I am envisioning my baby girl turning into nothing but teeth.  And hair.  That girl can grow hair!

Frist day

Frist day 1

Here she is on her first day of Kindergarten.  Wow.  I have not posted since then, huh?  I am such a bad blogger.  I made the dress to her specifications and was shocked at how well it turned out.  She went into my fabric stash (what a concept!) and chose the floral fabrics and I went to Treadle to get some advice and contrast fabric that would not make it look like the clown costume I had envisioned when she chose them.  The result is quite cute if I do say so myself!

So now I am off to do homework.  Though a Head of the Charles post is in the works.