It is truly amazing the things that accrue over one’s lifetime.  I remember being downright horrified when going through our stuff that was moved here from Alabama…a mere 3 years after the move when I finally went through the boxes.  No one needs to move magazines, friends.  Back issues of Cooking Light are  just not that precious!

Having several people move recently and talk of moving has made me realize that I just own too much.  Too many clothes, too many projects, too many magazines (my subscriptions have been pared down to only ONE now, though!!!), too many shoes…whoa…wait a second.  I got a little overboard there.  Who has too many pairs of shoes?  That sounds absolutely crazy!  Shoes and bags always fit, people.  Don’t ever forget that!

So it is that I have spent the better part of my Saturday cleaning and shaking my head at the chaos around me.  I should have taken before and after photos, but that is a little too much sharing, even for me.  It took me an entire day to clean the back porch last week, another to clean the kitchen and today it has been the downstairs bathroom and Ellen’s bedroom.  She has been “helping” by playing with each and every thing that has been buried under her enormous piles of books.  That child has books I tell you!!  I remember being banished to my bedroom to clean as a child and my idea of cleaning made my mother mental.  I would line things up along the wall!  Even now I giggle at how that must have crazed her.  Another time I remember falling asleep under my bed while cleaning it out.  Ah, the memories.

I am not the only one ridding myself of unwanted items in these parts.  Ellen lost her first tooth today. [edit that…She lost her first tooth July 25 and it has taken me this long to get the picture uploaded to the new computer!  Wow…what was I saying?] Her Boppa (my Dad) suggested the tooth fairy would give her $1,000,000 for it!  For the record, she got a freshly polished half dollar.

Proud missing tooth