I think I am experiencing allergies for the first time.  How do people do it?!?  I feel alternately drippy and dry (nose), cloudy and clear (head), alert and tired (body) and generally aggrivated that I cannot find a fix.  However, Ellen has been having one of those seemingly rare great days.  Are they all so good and I am too preoccupied with cleaning/school/you-name-it to notice what a wonderful thing she is turning into?  Possibly.  I will say that I was pulled aside for a “funny story” at preschool about how she had made up the “three-person rule” in order to exclude another little girl from play.  The teacher, C, thinks this is a natural progression.  I remember her being the one who was excluded last year and I am resisting the temptation to punish Ellen and/or take a case of wine to the mother of the other little girl, both of whom I adore.

I have found a groove with knitting and have finished  a project that has been on the needles since nearly the beginning of time.  It is called Oregon Vest by Oat Couture.  I will have to hunt to find the name of the yarn I used.  I know I have the label somewhere.  Although, finished is subjective, since I still have to add a zipper.  How I am going to do that…I have to figure that part out still.  And I have to choose which color zipper I am going to use.  Oh…and I also have to block it, I think, because when I crocheted around the armholes it went all wobbly on me.  So, yeah, that is finished.

Up Close

Oregon Vest

I am also working on another Habitat.  This one is in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK in the Java colorway.  It is the same colorway I used to knit socks for R.

Habitat v.2

Possibly the best news of all recently is that I have been rowing ON THE WATER with the competitive team.  I fear I am in so far over my head that I risk drowning at any moment, but for now I am thoroughly enjoying myself.  Next week there is talk of my learning to scull which will subsequently mean two practices on those days, one at 5:30 am, one at 6 pm.  I am exhausted just typing that.