I have had some sort of trouble with the blog. I hope it is over now, because I got a lot to say, man.

So, without further ado, two words.

Central. Library.

Central 2

I have always enjoyed the library. I remember the woman who ran the library in the small town where I grew up (Dorothy Dexter) and I will never forget how excited she was about books. I grew up in Delton, Michigan; a very small town kinda northeast of Kalamazoo. When I lived there, the library was this very small building next to a gas station (I think?).  I remember the first time I got to choose books from my sister’s “section” (young adult) and I remember the hours I spent perusing the titles.  They moved the library to a new location across from the elementary school, which is more practical, but I my first image will always be of the old building.

Central 3

Ellen has a similar fascination, but with so many locations to choose from I don’t know if she will have the same memories of just one. Although, I do try to get to this one the most.  The building is simply amazing.  The stairs alone, all marble and concave from years of use, are a thing to behold.  I hope that, along with our general love of books, she will always have fond memories of the library as well.

Central 1