Last November I signed Randy up for Hockey school.  I kind of knew at the time what I was getting into, although not quite to what extent.  However, I knew that my turn would come and it has.  I took classes and subsequently joined the Minnesota Boat Club.  I love to row.  I enjoy the rhythm of it.  At first I had to concentrate on getting everything in the right order, but now it is easier to just do it.  I am far from perfect.  Far from an Olympic 40 stroke rate, but it is the first in a series of things lately that seem to fit me well.

When you spend a majority of your life trying to fit in, it is still a little surprising to me as an adult when a decision seemingly so far out of the box gives me such peace.  This is not necessarily related to rowing, but I do think that rowing was the catalyst.  After (only) 4 years of complete devotion to Ellen, I am remembering what it was like to look out for me.  I feel selfish, but I think that is just a fact of motherhood.  I am not sure any time would be right.  I have enrolled in St. Paul College to seek a Sign Language Interpreter/Transliterator degree.  I have always been drawn to ASL.  I cannot remember the exact moment I knew I would do something in this field, only that time and again it gets dropped into my lap in various forms.  I have always envied people with a passion for something.  I have never felt this way about anything, but maybe I have and I was just not aware.

Wish me luck.  I am going to go distract myself so as not to lose my nerve…