Alas, despite my best intentions I still leave you all (7?) in wait. Summer.

I cannot explain what it is that makes me so blasted aloof. I love people. I love to socialize. That crazy Meyers/Briggs thing? never taken it. But if I had I know I would score…wait lemme call Dana and ask what one I am. EPMD? Wait, No. ENFP. Yup, I am that one.

Point is, I am that one who gets the energy from others. So summer? When I scarcely see another soul from sunup to sundown and spend the entire day with my four year old? Not pretty.

And yet.

Do I call Sarah, or Dana, or any number of friends that I have? No I do not. I sit here and fester in my rotten excuse for parenthood. A.K.A Noggin. Check it out. Moose A. Moose? Good stuff, people. Educational programming.

There is a certain amount of ignoring that occurs in all of our lives, despite out best efforts. I think we should FEED those things. Where will they take us? Who knows? But at the end, we need to insure our happiness.

Because in the end, isn’t happiness our ultimate prize?