My camera done broke. I hate to post without a picture.

I took this photo a while ago to FINALLY pay tribute to Cassie. A long, long time ago, I can sill remember how that music used to make me smile…wait sorry…channeling Don McLean…

They are probably the first two blogs I ever read.  I fell in love with Cassi at Bella Dia second after Larissa at Stitch Marker. I think I found Larissa first because of the Pinwheel Blanket then with Cassi because, well, it is obvious, no? So for Mother’s day I bought one for Mom (bird) and this one for me. Logically. Then, I am so ashamed to even admit, I lost mine at the bottom of my yarn stash. I knew it was there, I just had to find it. Mom raves endlessly about hers to anyone who will listen, but now she talks about how “you know you could make one like that one” to which I reply, “…why bother when I can buy Cassie’s??”. I know there are some who look at art and want to buy it. Some want to imitate (“copy”) it. I like to think that, from time to time I support it.

Thanks, Cassi. It is a bright thing in my sewing days.

(and PS, it came with those shrinky-dink pins…the large yellow flower, the smaller red one, the bee, the butterfly…she is so fancy!)

cassie's cushion