I have made a stab at a handmade holiday, but have not fared as well as Sarah did. But then, I am also excited to start another sewing class this week, while Sarah had her hesitations (I have yet to hear if she will be joining me). For my mom I decided on a really nice cookbook that I knew would be right up her alley called Lost Recipes: Meals to Share with Friends and Family by Marion Cunningham. We have a standing tradition of purchasing cookbooks for each other every year. I love this so very much because I am personally of the opinion that one can never own too many books, especially cookbooks, and it is an easy and fun purchase every year. So, along that theme I decided to make her some things, which was then narrowed down to 2 things. But then she also got some socks which I am certain have not yet left her feet. Which is more than I can say for Ana, my sister, but I digress…

For Mom

Loosely based on the patters for these items in Lotta Jandotter’s book Simple Sewing and Denyse Schmidt’s Quilts, I kinda took a little from each and this is what I cam up with. For batting I used a felted sweater from Goodwill. Ah, the effect these Liberal Minnesotans are having on me.

For my next trick, I pulled off a bag for my sister. Also from Simple Sewing, I knew when I saw this that she had to have one. I bought a Sigg bottle to go in the pocket on the side and got the fabric from IKEA. As I described to Dana, Denyse thinks I have quilted before (I haven’t) and Lotta thinks I have never seen a sewing machine (I have). So the light “quilting” I did for Mom’s hot pads didn’t turn out to be as easy as I thought they would be and the bag was not as hard. Observe:

All Day Tote