Isn’t this supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year?  The hap-happiest season of all?  Because I am not feelin’ it.  I feel like every day is a struggle to co-exist with this little being in our house.  There is a story, it is not mine, that a woman in our church told a mother that if she were to go back in time to one day in her life, it would be a day with each of her children when they were three.  I try and try and try to understand this despite the fact that I never met this woman.   The worst thing is, at this very moment while my husband puts her to bed, all I can do is think about how I could have tried harder because it must be very hard to be three.  Parental guilt.  Whew.  I thought it was bad for people when the parent guilts the child…but this is really hard to take!

I hope your day is better!  Maybe tomorrow will be better for us.  Another day, new in the morning!!