Hat from Aisha Celia Yarn

Last year I went to the No Coast Craft-o-Rama for the first time with a couple of friends and came home with many glorious finds. Among other things, I purchased this yarn from Aisha Celia Designs. It was about 100 grams before the hat and I now have approximately 4o grams of it left. Isn’t it lovely? I saw her again this year and was just kicking myself for not wearing the hat. I promised her pictures, so late last night, in the glorious light from the bathroom (and a flash of course) I took this lovely picture. I had no idea how fabulously BORING the carpet is in our hallway upstairs!! I do think this is a fairly accurate representation of the yarn. I will be going to her etsy shop shortly after the new year…after I knit Endpaper Mitts for myself (out of stash yarn! Gasp!!!) for getting through the holiday season alive…assuming I do…

oh, oh, OH!!! That great pattern for the hat? It’s a free pattern, the Flapper Hat pattern from the fantastic Sarah (as in, with an “h”)!!!