A couple of months ago Ellen went to a local park with Randy in order to give me a chance to get ready for a date. As I got out of the shower I saw that Randy had called. I started to listen to the message, but stopped when I heard the awful letters “ER” and looked outside to see them in the garage. Well, after what seemed like an eternity in the emergency room we discovered that indeed Ellen had a broken leg. She went down this HUGE tube slide with Randy and her crocks skipped on a curve giving her a spiral fracture of her tibia. She was quite a trooper through all phases of healing.

The first phase was a cast that allowed her knee to be bent slightly while isolating the joint above and below the break, namely the knee and ankle. The day she got it it was adorned by our good friends who took great pleasure in writing all over it. I really meant to have her little friends at preschool sign a cast, too, but totally slacked on it.

The first cast

She went to school, which in and of itself was a feat. Her preschool is on the third floor of an old church…with no elevator. Her teachers were very accommodating, although I did have to go up to help her get outside and then back in again for playtime. The doctor assured us that she would figure out how to get around on her own, but cautioned against letting her on the hardwood floors without a sock or something to protect the floor from scratches. One day I finally just left her on the back porch screaming at me to pick her up after showing her how to scoot around on her bottom. I felt bad, but she did start scooting. The funniest thing about her scooting was that Sarah (Dana’s adorable youngest), a one-year-old, decided that this was a mode of transportation by a big kid she could really get into. She still is known to occasionally scoot this way.

The second cast

This is not the second cast. The first time she got a walking cast we think it was too snug because she would not walk on it at all. Of course, she barely walked on this one at all until several days before she got it off. She is definitely stubborn. She learned to walk late and I always said it was because there was no real catalyst for her to get up and move around. I think she felt the same about walking with her cast.

Sleeping Beauty

Here she is in her final cast and also in her Halloween costume. We are in the thick of princess-mania and I made her a pretty princess outfit for Halloween that included a robe reminiscent of one we played with when we were kids. For wanting to be a princess, it sure took a lot of cajoling to get her to actually wear the dress. What is up with that?