Cris' Socks

When we first started going to our church we met a couple with whom it seemed we had crossed paths with many times in our lives. She went to the same church camp as my husband (though she was a few years younger), her parents own a place on Mackinac, Randy and her husband share a lot of the same pastimes (golf, etc.). We shared a friend in common as well. Dana is one of the best friends I have ever had. After I began actually interacting with Cris I told Dana that it has probably been difficult for her not having us be friends with each other, similar to a friend who is dating a bad guy and has to just figure it out on her own. We just had to figure out that we really are quite well suited to each other. Where I am quite languid in my approach to teaching the youth, she is very…let’s just say she has a Type A personality…

In the end, all it took was an invitation to Mackinac. We went the weekend before July 4 and as a thank you gift, I knit Cris these socks. They have been finished for a while and they are like a lovey to a child for her. When they were in the wash, her husband claimed all she did was sit and whine about needing her “Abby socks”. I can become good friends with someone who respects my socks like that.

The socks were knit toe-up on two circulars in Dream in Color Lipstick Lava. The pattern is based on the “Go With the Flow” socks in Favorite Socks.  I say that they are based on them because they are toe up with an afterthought heel.  I have found that for me, sock knitting is all about the method. I have a difficult time with double points. I wind up with ladders at all corners and often pull out the entire needle when moving to a new one. I love knitting on two circulars and have yet to try the magic loop method, although having knit on two circulars it seems simple enough. I will say that while this is my preferred method, the aforementioned best friend claims it is like knitting with a wind chime. Apparently she thinks the needles clink together in a most annoying fashion. I don’t even notice it.