I was just listening to this song by the Dave Matthews Band and laughing to myself about this very line:

“It’s a typical situation in these typical times, too many choices…”

Ellen has given up her nap. I know, I made it much farther than most. She was three in May. The thing is, she really still needs it. I mean, by 3 pm she is literally running into walls, crying at the drop of a hat, etc. I laugh at this lyric because I am sure it is just another stage and those of you who have multiple children and/or older kids have abslutely no sympathy for me.  The funny thing is that a long time ago I thought I had this kid thing so figured out!  I was a nanny in Harbor Springs, Michigan for a political family who had five kids, all of whom were nothing more than political accessories.  I remember thinking so often that cruel thought that leads so many of us down a path toward ruin, “when I have kids…” and what is funnier still is the fact that even after I had Ellen there were days when the judgement just came spewing forth, like some sort of uncontrollable tourette’s syndrome of parenting.  Now that I have a three year old and she is just in the absolute terrible three’s…well…

Stinker toddler 1