My father, who I think reads this, will hopefully not have cardiac failure or an aneurysm from anger before he reads this in its entirety.

I would love for all four of you who read this to look around you and figure out what you can do to make this world better for you, someone you love, your children, whatever. There is a lot of bad in this world, no way around it. There can be good, too. Whatever it is for you, find it, now. I have had so many conversations lately where the common theme seems to be how tired one seems to be of “insert any number of issues here“. Where we live, the theme usually centers around politics, especially in light of the recent 35W bridge collapse. In my specific case, it centers around how children wear us right out.

During an outing yesterday with The Girl I decided on a whim to stop down to a previously favorite spot of mine before I had her. It isn’t far from home and when we first bought the house we both marveled at how close we could be to nature while living almost directly in the heart of a city. It is a spot where you can get right down to the river and walk along what my daughter calls “kind of the beach”. We were walking barefoot, throwing stones in the water (to the count of ready, steady, go!!) and I began thinking about how I don’t live enough of the life I want her to remember. I am not yet instilling in her the things I think are important; like enjoying nature despite living in the city.

So, to wrap up, go outside! Or sit right there and search for something you haven’t thought about in ages, but had an impact on you. Or just go throw some money at a cause. Whatever you do, do it this week. Make it a goal.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go search ebay for some Girl Scouting books from my youth…or maybe find someplace to go camping…