Oh, Spring Fever.

I have never been monogamous to one project. When knitting, I need a project that needs no attention (for knit night, so as to provide plenty of chatability), little attention (TV knitting), and full attention (nice day while daughter sleeps knitting) and I follow suit with most crafting. Having said that, let me introduce just a sampling of the knitting projects lurking around.

Socks for me. I have just gotten to the point with these where I am comfortable knitting without constantly staring at the [very simple] chart. I was talking recently with a friend about charts versus written (?) instructions in a pattern. For some reason, with a chart I am constantly second guessing myself. If I have the stitches written out, I simply memorize it. Which is weird…normally I am such a visual learner.
Abby Socks
Socks for the hub. I have been promising Randy socks since I finished my first pair. I decided that I wanted to knit something that he could wear out of the house (as opposed to some quick worsted weight around-the-house socks) and fell in absolute love with the cabled socks from Favorite Socks. I am just not loving the gusset right now.
Randy Socks
Vest for me. I was in Patagonia not too long ago and remembered how I love their fleece vests (we call them wubbies around here). I don’t, however, love the price. I like their policies and can kind of understand why they are so expensive, but cannot get over the hump of actually purchasing something for me at full price. So, I found this pattern from Oat Couture and have absolutely no excuse for it not being done. I am knitting it in Cascade Lana Grande color 6031 on size 13 needles!! No excuse. None.

The header picture, by the way, was taken peeking out the window at a sunset from my seat in front of the computer. I know it is not clear, but I loved the colors so much!!