After so much deliberation and brow-beating by my good friends, here it is, my first post.  It was my goal today in the inclement weather to publish it and I feel very fortunate that my husband got home early enough for me to do it.  There will probably be many changes, since I am still learning about WordPress, but, well…I digress.

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I went on a long-awaited “first trip away from the girl”.  We went to Vegas.  I would not have chosen this destination were it not for  a conference my husband had to attend.  I feel very Vegasatiated.   I did all of the things one just must do while in Vegas.  We saw Jubilee, the classic topless showgirl revue, ate like royalty and I even caught a run on blackjack.  I do not, however, feel a pressing need to return.  Ever.  That place has got to be the most opulent over-the-top place I have ever seen.  I likened it to Mackinac Island on cocaine, which will not mean anything to those of you who have never worked a summer on Mackinac.